About the Founding Hands

Smt. G. Lalitha: (Member)

The Correspondent and Secretary of the college Smt. G.Lalitha has proposed to manage the college with high ideals to groom and train teachers who can accomplish good teaching environment across the country.



Lakshmi Narayana: (Correspondent)

Formerly principal of SLNS and Privileged Junior College in Maddikera, Kurnool District is the Treasurer of Sri Saibaba Diet College and takes a very active interest in all the activities of the college. He is pivotal in aiming to get technology into the daily operations of the college.



S. Allivera:

S.Allivera is the President of Sri Saibaba Education Society and has great interest in studies. He cares for the poor and needy people of society and has vowed to contribute to them by promoting education among them.